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Shipping Human Remains to Philippines

Services of Funeral Director and Staff                         $1,295

Transfer from place of death (within 50 miles)       $400

 Embalming                                                                                              $895

 Dressing/Cosmetology/Casketing                                  $175

20 gauge metal casket with gasket                                  $1,398

1 death certificate for Consulate                                       $21

Overnight mail to Philippine Consulate                      $250

Consulate Fee                                                                                       $50

Service van to airport                                                                    $175

Airtray (required by airline)                                                     $175


Airfare ESTIMATE ONLY                                                        $5,000


TOTAL                                                                                           $9,834


Merchandise and services not specifically listed above are not included.

Requirements of Family:

  1. We must return decedent’s passport to consulate.
  2. We must have the names, addresses and phone numbers of two relatives living in the USA   and the names, addresses and phone numbers of two relatives living in the Philippines.
  3. We must have the last known address of the decedent in the Philippines.
  4. We must have the name, address and phone number of the receiving party in the Philippines.
  5. We must have the name and address of the place of burial in the Philippines.
  6. If the decedent is a Philippine Citizen a Philippine Report of Death must be completed. 
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